Ernest Gaudet and family arrived in Saskatchewan in the winter of 1903. They came to settle the west, where there was land available for all.

They arrived in 2 groups, each with a boxcar full of materials, ready to pioneer the west.

There was no electricity, nor running water. Horse power came from real horses.

They were a sturdy group. They had to be to survive let alone thrive.

They were settlers, near the end of the line in Canada's hinterland, feeding resources to the heartland of the East.

This website looks at the journey of our family from the landing of Jean Gaudet and his son in Port Royal in 1636, through the deportation of our family from Port Royal, to our resettling in Quebec and finally migrating to Saskatchewn in the early 20th century.

Forming the Group

Jean Paul Gaudet's Store

Armand Gaudet's House, St Jacques l'Achigan

Gaudet's, France to Canada To Saskatchewan

Armand Gaudet
circa 1920,
age 34 aprox.


A night in Mirabel

Montreal's Old Port

Maternal Roots, St Timoté

12 Generations of Gaudets in Canada

The Gaudet Reunion Picture Page, July 2002

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